is a piece in two parts and a structure for making a dance. In Foreword, we create a movement phrase by silent consensus, simultaneously moving, and decoding the movement of our partners.This creative process prioritizes embodied logic.  Authorship inhabits the spaces between the bodies and minds of the collaborating artists, who are never leading and never only following.  In Afterword,  we reveal a new piece of  choreography each night. The physical material from Foreword becomes the information we mine as we collaborate backstage to create a new piece of “high stakes” choreography in the time between Foreword and Afterword.

As professors of dance, we use this structure to examine performance as research and to explore the distinctive nature 
of knowledge construction in and through dance.

We are beginning to teach the score in workshops internationally and are inviting others to participate in performing it, with a set of 
agreements. If you are interested in performing this score, or in learning more about the mobilization of ideas through physical action and the 
exploration of choreographic choice, please contact us.



Rachel Boggia, Annie Kloppenberg, Meredith Lyons